One of my specialties is book layout and typesetting.  I have been doing this since 1993 when I published my own book.

These days, it's easy to self-publish a book.  What will set your book apart is a professional layout and cover design.  

My services include helping you pick a book size and format, paper, typeface, layout style and referrals to book printers.  Once you pick a printer, I make sure the pages are laid out to their specifications and I can also handle all of the submission of the necessary files.  E-books are also an option.

My rates are $50/hr and I am happy to provide an estimate of how much your book might cost to lay out and typeset.  Many authors make the mistake of giving me a manuscript before it's really ready to go, and that can end up being very costly.  So before we begin your layout, my initial consultation will be to help you make sure the project is really ready for the layout process.

Please contact me using the Contact Us link from the menu above so we can set up an initial consultation.