I specialize in converting artwork such as logos and other designs into a format that can be sewn on an embroidery machine (both home and commercial).  This process is known as digitizing. It confuses some people because we start (usually) with a digital image, so if it's already digital, why does it need to be digitized?  Really what we are doing is converting the artwork into a format that tells the machine how to sew the design and we call it "digitizing".

Many people buy home embroidery machines and expect they will be able to embroider just about any design.  They quickly run into the limits of what you can do with the machine itself.  The next step is to buy software, but most people find it difficult to use (especially if you have no background in graphic design software) and the really good software is also very expensive.

Save yourself time, expense and frustration by having me digitize your business logo, club logo or that special project you have in mind.

If you have design (such as a logo) that you want to embroider (or have embroidered) then it needs to be digitized before it can be embroidered. Further, it should be optimized to sew without problems and look good for the garment or fabric you intend it for.  

I start with your artwork or design idea and you tell me what size you want the final embroidery to be, what fabric and garment it will be sewn on and what type/brand of machine will be used.  Then I produce the stitch file that is optimized for the size and fabric you will be using.  It usually takes a day or two, or possibly longer depending on my workload.

The cost starts at $2.50 per 1,000 stitches, with a $15 minimum charge.  That will get you a design with up to 6,000 stitches which will cover most designs up to 3x3" or so.  This pricing assumes you give me good, clean artwork and the design is not overly complex.  If I have to clean up the artwork or modify the design to make it "stitchable" (not every design lends itself to embroidery) then I charge $50/hr for that work.

Here are some examples of my work:



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